As a forward-looking company, Beckers supports customers by supplying innovative coating solutions that are ahead of the curve in terms of industry trends and legislative regulations. This means that Beckers’ products, processes and practices anticipate future demand and can be brought to market as quickly as possible.


Efficiency,  energy


Beckers has always invested heavily in R&D, from the 1960s when we pioneered the development of coil coatings in Europe, right up to the present day. The company set up its first Long Term Development lab in the mid-1990s to address the need for basic research on coil coatings. This is where Beckry®Tech, the first coil coating to deliver ultra-durable performance, was developed.


Other innovations accredited to Beckers’ LTD lab include the award-winning Beckry®Therm, an energy-saving coatings system, Beckry®Shine, the first coil coating to incorporate ‘flip’ pigments, and Beckry®Pur, a coating that achieves the same corrosion resistance as plastisol with only a fraction of the dry film thickness. 


Chromate-free primers


Chromate-free primers, products that have been of great interest to the market for many years, are also among Beckers Group’s recent developments. In 1997 the LTD laboratory embarked on a 12-year programme to research more than 750 different chromate-containing and chromate-free systems.


These efforts resulted in a 2009 report that was crucial to the understanding of system performance on real exposure. Even the earliest research findings pointed our formulators around the world towards commercial chromate-free primers. Beckry®Prim 243TU is a ‘prime’ example.


It's all in the mix


Beckers’ unique paint mixing system, Beckry®Mix, developed in response to changes in industry demand, is at the forefront of technological progress.


Beckry®Mix is the world’s first mixing system capable of supplying any colour, in any quantity, to customers as and when they need it. This saves time and money and protects the environment.