Driving innovation

With 20% of our personnel worldwide working in laboratories, 4% of our sales spent on R&D and 25% of our coatings being new products created in the last five years, we are proud to be considered an industry innovator and we will continue to explore smart and sustainable solutions.

Success is a joint effort and we place our know-how and research at the disposal of our customers. By anticipating future demand, we help customers accelerate their products’ ”time-to-market”. Beckers’ innovative trend-setting coating solutions create new business opportunities by catering to tomorrow’s design and legislative priorities.

We have established two key laboratories, a Long Term Development laboratory in the United Kingdom and a Long Term Research laboratory in Sweden, dedicated respectively to coil coatings and industrial paints. Examples of innovative solutions from our Long Term Development laboratory targeting the coil coating market are high-coverage and textured topcoats, polyester and polyurethane based coatings and multilayer systems that feature alternative chemistries.

For the industrial coatings market, our Long Term Research laboratory brought to market amongst other products our innovative waterborne basecoat for the automotive plastics exterior, which offer great benefits in terms of reduced environmental footprint and enhanced coating efficiency. 

Beckers’ research teams are dedicated to reducing environmental impact, improving performance and increasing durability. 

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