At Beckers, we believe in the spirit of genuine partnership. As well as supplying products, we offer a comprehensive range of innovative services. 

These include specialised products and just-in-time production as well as technical support around the globe. Beckers’ global set-up allows us to supply identical coatings anywhere in the world. This ensures consistent quality and colour matching for components integrated in finished products.


A quick look at our services

Customer service is at the heart of our approach to the market. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Local technical support to answer specific customer needs and provide close support at the start of new projects
  • Individual colour development in collaboration with customers
  • Systematic product testing including accelerated and natural aging tests
  • Access to our colour labs worldwide enables customers to explore new opportunities and benefit from our core competencies whenever and wherever they need them
  • Training on site

Beckers supplies coating systems designed to meet customers’ needs. As well as standard products used in production, the company offers coatings for damage repair or for paint finishing during assembly. Customers can even order coatings packaged with their own proprietary labelling.

To understand current trends within the coatings industry, Beckers employs trend analysts. They develop our collections together with our colour stylists to achieve the fine balance between fashion and technology.


Technological know-how

Beckers invests heavily in technological research and development with a focus on product improvement. We offer technical support and product development in many countries. A team of field-based Beckers technicians provides a complete range of support services in key areas:

  • Advice on designing paint plants in compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation regulations
  • State-of-the-art developments in paint application technology
  • Selecting the best possible coating system
  • Establishing coating performance specifications
  • Developing quality audit and improvement programmes for in-house and subcontractor paint processes
  • Training in coating application and testing