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High-performance coatings made from plastic waste

Society needs chemical building blocks for a wide range of essential products, including polymers, coatings, pharmaceuticals, and other high-performance applications. Currently, all of these products are based on fossil carbon. In order to enable the transformation to a sustainable future, it is needed to move away from fossil sources of carbon and embrace the use of renewable carbon. Consequently, the chemical industries need to shift to the use of bio-based and circular carbon in order to close the loop.  


The chemical and energy industries have embarked on a journey to use waste, biomass, CO2, renewable electricity etc. as feedstock. New and existing technologies in the advanced chemical recycling space make it possible to produce these building blocks from renewable alternatives.  

Beckers, Symeres and BioBTX found a way to process mixed plastic waste into sustainable chemical building blocks and finally high-value products, using multiple advanced environmentally friendly chemical conversions. The process for recycling the plastic waste is a new technology.

BioBTX uses their patented catalyst and pyrolysis process to break down waste plastic into useable raw materials.  

First, the unique Integrated Cascading Catalytic Pyrolysis (ICCP) technology developed by BioBTX enables the conversion of mixed waste plastics and biomass into aromatics such as benzene, toluene and xylenes.

Second, a new and green separation and oxidation route was applied.

Third, the produced renewable phthalic anhydride was applied in a coating. It was shown that the green coating's physical properties were identical to its fossil counterparts. 


The full demonstration of the circular value c
hain, from mixed plastic waste to high value product application, shows the opportunities that are possible when a full circular economy is achieved. Using this new phthalic anhydride from BioBTX helps to lower Beckers carbon footprint and furthers our journey to becoming the most sustainable coil coatings company.


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