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Yadea G5 e-scooter

Yadea G5 e-scooter


Known as the world’s leading manufacturer of electric bikes, Yadea relied on Beckers' design expertise to create this stylish new-generation e-scooter which is powered by lithium batteries. With brilliant colors and an outstanding resistance against weather and scratches, Beckers' coatings give Yadea's G5 a combination of beauty and durability. 


Yadea G5 e-scooter

Consumer goods

Beckry®Prim Primer 
Beckry®Flex Basecoat 
Beckry®Dur 2K Clearcoat 
Beckry®Flex Basecoat 
Beckry®Lux UV Clearcoat 

Pearl white, Silver, Magic black, Lafite red