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Knowledge Hub will be an accelerator for performance, competitiveness, safety and sustainability

As a decentralized organization, it is important that our sites have autonomy to deal with their own issues and priorities. But since Beckers sites often face similar issues, how we share knowledge within Beckers has become an area of major focus. 

In lieu of a platform where other sites communicate how they dealt with similar issues, local teams are forced to start from scratch and come up with their own solutions. This puts unnecessary pressure on resources and can lead to poor outcomes, raising the risk of diverting quality over time due to different levels of expertise. 

The Beckers Good Practice Knowledge Hub fills this space, enabling our teams to solve problems faster, using less bandwidth, and avoid re-inventing the wheel. It marks an important milestone for our operational excellence. 

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One central resource   

The new Good Practice Knowledge Hub brings together the global Beckers community, establishing one central resource where they can look for solutions from other sites, connect across countries / regions and get problem-specific help.

This means that as a global organization we can streamline resources and capitalize on the benefits of being a single community, while also enabling and empowering local teams and site-specific solutions. This is how we improve together, drawing on all the advantages of a decentralized operation. 

As well as instant access to resources, the tool is also a speedy and effective way to document breakthroughs and achievements. Anyone at Beckers can submit a Good Practice, turning the resource into a global showcase, with sites and teams able to secure recognition for their ingenuity and expertise in solving certain issues or coming up with new ways to generate value.  

A more efficient way of working    

Whether it’s a new process, solution or workflow under consideration, or an area where potential for improvement has been identified, there is a strong chance that a team at Beckers has worked on the topic in the past and has relevant insights to share that will save time, energy and unnecessary resources.

Topics covered so far include Energy, Manufacturing, Sustainability, Work Process, and Health & Safety, with all content created and reviewed by topic specialists.

Going forward, The Beckers Good Practice Knowledge Hub will become the first place Beckers people go before launching any solution finding process. Meanwhile, the intuitive interface allows users to browse by category or use keywords to access relevant information and resources.