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Fret 21 Program: Beckers France ramps up sustainable transportation

Beckers France ramps up sustainable transportation with new accreditation scheme

The FRET21 program recognizes companies that successfully integrate sustainable transportation solutions into their development strategy. It aims to encourage companies acting as principals of the transporters to better integrate the impact of transport in their strategy for sustainability. In 2022, Beckers France signed a charter of commitment and obtained FRET21 accreditation. Validation by the scheme comes off the back of our continued Gold Standard placing in the EcoVadis rankings for top sustainability performance. But while EcoVadis has a wider scope, FRET21 is 100% linked to CO2e emission reduction of freight transport. 

As members, Beckers France can access tools and technical support, including instruments for calculating the impact of specific actions. This will help them gain visibility and ultimately reduce the carbon footprint not just of our own operations but along the value chain. The membership is valid for the next three years and has then to be renewed.

FRET 21 transportation sustainable transportation

Concrete actions

The four “action levers” identified by FRET21 as critical for achieving climate targets are Loading Rate, Distance Traveled, Means of Transport, and Responsible Purchasing. Beckers France has already translated these into concrete actions that connect with overarching objectives. These are: 

- Work with more Target CO2e certified carriers
- Reduce the use of air freight on inter-company transport
- Develop the use of biofuels
- Increase the loading rate: + 5% on the filling rates of packaged products
- Increased use of multimodal transport

Access all areas

FRET21 is a governmental partnership between the Ministry of transport, Agency for Ecological Transition and shippers' associations in France. As well as a prestigious endorsement of the steps Beckers France has taken and our progress so far, the award gives them access to tools, support and knowledge that they can use more widely across Beckers sites as a benchmark and a source of information. This includes sophisticated tools for calculating the initial diagnosis, support in identifying relevant actions, and sheets to quantify the impact of each action in terms of CO2e emissions. They also provide support and training on how to use the tools and methodologies effectively.