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Cultural Wine Centre Bordeaux

Building design that surprises

In 2016, in the presence of French President François Hollande, the first wine museum in Bordeaux officially opened its doors. While the location and the subject matter of the museum may not be such a big surprise, the design and shape of the building certainly are!

A famous French architectural firm (X-TU) was chosen for the project, which sought to combine a simple approach with a very futuristic vision. Their highly original interpretation of vine stock and a decanter inspired the resulting movement and fluidity of the facades. The ACP (aluminium composite panel) construction material was an obvious choice for this building. Two aluminium coil coaters competed for this prestigious contract, which was won by Euramax (based in the Netherlands) in the end.

Beckers Germany supplied the Beckry®Fluor (PVDF metallic basecoat and fluoropolymer effect clearcoat) paint required, comprising a three-layer system. The colour matching process was performed in France on behalf of a French architectural developer using paints produced in Germany.