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2023 Beckers Sustainability Award Products with Impact: Successful roll-out global simulation tool for product sustainability performance

Congratulations to Namrita Zakane and Theva Shanmugam for their exceptional work in developing the R&D Global Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Simulation Tool. This year’s award highlights how an innovative tool put in the hands of our R&D teams globally can enable product development to be in better alignment with the principles of the Beckers Sustainability Index (BSI). 

Their work not only improves our processes but also paves the way for future advancements in our commitment to sustainability and responsible product development. This tool features a hazard calculation model, ensuring compliance with global chemical regulations, reinforcing our dedication to safety and regulatory adherence. It efficiently simulates product classifications, conserving resources and guiding our teams in making informed decisions about ingredient substitutions, thus enhancing our products' sustainability profiles while eliminating hazardous guesswork.   

    Beckers Product Award  

Namrita Zakane and Theva Shanmugam

The impact of their important work extends beyond our current operations. It's a cornerstone in our ongoing efforts to innovate in both new and existing product development, aligning with the standards set by the BSI. The jury is impressed by the potential future impacts of this project on the development of our recipes. The globally collaborative nature of this project fosters a unified effort towards sustainable development and informed decision-making.

We applaud Namrita Zakane and Theva Shanmugam for their outstanding contributions and for setting a new benchmark in sustainable product innovation.   


About the Beckers Sustainability Awards

Every year, Beckers awards sustainable behavior with its Beckers Sustainability Award. The categories are aligned with our 2030 Goals, with awards going to projects that feature people, products and operations that are making an impact. The Beckers Sustainability Council decides on a shortlist and judges them according to their effectiveness in advancing our 2030 Goals. It also takes into account their impact on our business, their level of innovation, their passion and commitment, and the transferability of the projects and ideas.  We would like to acknowledge the outstanding engagement and creativity showcased by all participating employees. The entries underscored a commendable level of maturity and engagement from teams across many departments and sites, totaling 31 nominations.