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2023 Beckers Sustainability Award for Operations with Impact: Collaborative emissions reduction with transportation suppliers in France

The Sustainability Council awarded Brigitte Vaccaro, Pascal Gentile, Adeline Roblin, Saifeddine Bergaoui, Didier Delorme, Julien Enjolras, and Anne-Eva Noyel for their work in implementing the FRET21 program. FRET21, an initiative supported by a French governmental partnership, focuses on reducing emissions in transportation logistics.

The team's efforts at the Montbrison site have not only achieved significant emission reductions but have also transformed the principles of FRET21 into concrete, measurable results, and the beginning of an action plan. Their dedication to collaborating with our suppliers to transition to PUR-XTL fuel has been instrumental in reducing the overall environmental footprint and setting a prime example for the industry.  

This team's notable achievements include a strategic shift from diesel to PUR-XTL (HVO100), a more sustainable fuel option produced from used oil only, which aligns with FRET21's focus on responsible purchasing and optimizing transport means. They have also updated contracts to ensure at least 50% PUR-XTL fuel use with key suppliers, demonstrating a proactive approach to integrating sustainability into our supply chain, in line with the FRET21 program's emphasis on Scope 3 emissions.  These actions led to a significant reduction of over 104 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions, underscoring their successful application of FRET21's action levers. 

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From left to right: Didier Delorme, Brigitte Vaccaro, Adeline Roblin, Pascal Gentile, Anne-Eva Noyel 

The FRET21 program, driven by the Freight Transport Users Association (AUTF), the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), and the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, champions these kinds of sustainable transformations in the transportation and logistics sector. By aligning with these objectives, the team not only achieved substantial environmental improvements but also reinforced the importance of sustainable practices in logistics and supply chain operations. 

Their efforts exemplify the transformative impact that dedicated teamwork and innovative thinking can have on environmental sustainability. We look forward to the continued advancements and future steps of the Fret21 program, particularly in assessing all contracts with our logistics providers, confident that this team's journey will serve as a beacon for others in the industry. 


About the Beckers Sustainability Awards

Every year, Beckers awards sustainable behavior with its Beckers Sustainability Award. The categories are aligned with our 2030 Goals, with awards going to projects that feature people, products and operations that are making an impact. The Beckers Sustainability Council decides on a shortlist and judges them according to their effectiveness in advancing our 2030 Goals. It also takes into account their impact on our business, their level of innovation, their passion and commitment, and the transferability of the projects and ideas.  We would like to acknowledge the outstanding engagement and creativity showcased by all participating employees. The entries underscored a commendable level of maturity and engagement from teams across many departments and sites, totaling 31 nominations.