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2023 Beckers Supplier Award 

The Beckers Supplier Award honors our suppliers for their efforts and commitment to improve the sustainability of their operations.

Beckers relies on raw materials developed and manufactured by our suppliers. Our upstream supply chain is crucial for our success and our environmental footprint. We want to inspire our supply chain partners to work with us and make a positive impact on our industry around the world. This inspired our annual Beckers Supplier Award, which has been a celebrated award since 2019.

Our initiative Chain Up! drives sustainability throughout our supply chain and is now an integral part of our supplier management. Together with EcoVadis, we invite essential suppliers to assess their sustainability management based on a points system.  We have adopted EcoVadis’ online assessment as our standard tool to evaluate our raw material suppliers and many of our key partners are themselves now drawing on EcoVadis and have reached our sustainability threshold.  

We established the Beckers Supplier Award to acknowledge the effort and commitment this involves. It is a formal recognition of the supplier that has made the most progress during the year. We are proud to work with outstanding partners whose efforts and commitment we appreciate. We hope that more of our suppliers will join us on this journey. The Beckers Supplier Award is given out annually and the winner is announced in the Beckers Sustainability Report. The award underlines our belief that we can advance sustainability standards across the industry with committed collaboration and clear communication.

Supplier Award 2023

Novaresine S.r.l. laboratory, Italy


2023 Beckers Supplier Award winner: Novaresine S.r.l. in Italy   

Novaresine, a leading supplier of Saturated Polyester Resins in Europe established in 1979, exemplifies dedication to sustainability through collaborative efforts with Beckers Group. Novaresine's proactive approach and genuine eagerness to contribute have propelled joint sustainability projects, enhancing Beckers' environmental stewardship. Recognized with the Supplier Award, Novaresine's commitment to responsible business practices is celebrated, reinforcing the shared journey towards a more sustainable future. 
Novaresine has received EcoVadis Platinum rating for three years in a row. 

 Bruno Franceschini, CEO of Novaresine shares, “Our motto says: Innovation goes green, then being acknowledged in this manner is a privilege for the Novaresine Team. We take great satisfaction in spearheading sustainability initiatives and are committed to achieving and upholding our environmental goals. Our partnership with Beckers has played a crucial role in this endeavor. The collaborative journey we've embarked on has inspired us to persist in our commitment to sustainability. Novaresine is green inside and verde outside.” 

 Echoing this sentiment, Thomas Lüder, Global Director Sustainability Partnerships at Beckers Group, remarks, “It has been a great experience over the years to see Novaresine’s constant drive to improve the company’s sustainability approach step by step beyond a level that even seemed to be impossible at the beginning. Sincere congratulations on this great achievement.  

It is even more inspiring to be part of the next step we are taking in our cooperation. Our integrated product development approach will create even more value for both companies. Together we are committed to leading the value chain towards more sustainable coil coatings.”