Beckry®Vista brings the future into view

With Beckry®Vista, you can choose the industrial paint system for your pre-coated metal projects and switch the lighting and perspective, try out different shades and finishes, and compare outcomes instantly.

Beckry®Vista uses a mix of environmental and product data to create a digital rendering that matches physical reality in a way that has never previously been achieved in the paint industry. 

The calculations are not generic but based on the actual shades, textures and properties of the materials you are looking at.

This is the first time the technology has been applied to the industrial paint market.

To create the simulation, a physical sample is measured and characterized in terms of color, texture and effect. This data is then fed into a configurator, which becomes increasingly sophisticated as more projects and more paint systems are added.

Benefits from Beckry®Vista

  • Customizable with your own projects
  • Greater design possibilities, with unlimited colors, gloss, and special effects.
  • Try out various lighting conditions and viewing angles 
  • Compare outcome in a single view