27 October 2021

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New coating enables next generation electric motors and boosts efficiency

Our new Beckry®Core Core Plate Varnish (CPV) helps the e-mobility industry by enabling electric motor innovation and efficiency – to contribute towards a low-carbon society.

Electric motors have laminated cores that are made up of thin laminations of electrical steel. These laminations are coated on both sides to insulate them, which reduces magnetic losses. The coatings must also be heat resistant.

“As smaller and more high-performance electric motors are developed, they require more compact laminated cores,” says Johan Sandström, Managing Director of Beckers Sweden & Interim Managing Director of Beckers Germany. “Thinner coating is essential to allow more compact motors that enable the development of these new types of motors, while also enhancing motor efficiency and reducing manufacturer costs.”

Introducing Beckry®Core

Beckry®Core is a waterborne CPV that builds on our extensive experience in coil coating applications and strengthens our position as a leader in sustainable coatings. It not only allows thinner coating than other products on the market, but it also enhances electrical motor efficiency by reducing power losses in the core laminates and improving magnetic properties.

Another advantage is that Beckry®Core ensures excellent stamping performance, which means it doesn’t wear out the stamping tools or create dust during manufacturing compared with other coatings. The CPV is produced in Sweden and is available globally to electrical steel producers and ultimately electrical motor manufacturers. Beckers provides local support in all markets with our own factory trained experts.

Huge market potential in the electric vehicle market

“Our market analysis highlighted that customers required better performing CPV than what was available on the market,” says Johan. “This is why we developed an innovative product that can better meet customer need and help develop the next generation of electric motor. We see huge market potential for Beckry®Core as e-mobility applications will grow significantly in the coming years.”

Beckry®Core is the outcome of collaboration between Beckers Sweden, Beckers’ central Long-Term R&D unit (LTD), customers and most major electrical steel companies. We are approaching customers that coat electrical steel, including electric steel companies with their own coating line and companies that specialise in coating electrical steel.

Promoting a low-carbon society

“By enabling the development of more efficient and compact high-performance electric motors, Beckry®Core can support the electrification of the automotive industry – to help promote a low-carbon society,” concludes Johan.