25 April 2019

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Beckers Group Launches its new Coatings Trend Collection

Beckers Group just launched this year’s global trend collection for consumer goods and lifestyle appliances.

The portfolio ‒ called The Turning Point? ‒ offers consumer brand companies an opportunity to extensively explore Beckers’ latest colours, innovative technologies, and special tactile effects. The samples are presented in three main themes – Change Perception, Protect Privacy and Next Phase – and target trends for 2020/21. The Beckers’ design team are currently on a roadshow presenting the trends to customers. Interested parties can contact [email protected] for more information about The Turning Point? or to make an appointment.

Linda Snis, Global Design Manager at Beckers Sweden, explains the background for the trend collection: “Electronical devices are often used to make a statement and design is vital in this regard. In our trend collection, we play with contrasts: we connect different elements to deliver visionary design trends.” 

Christian Vogel, President Industrial Coatings at Beckers adds: “For our customers in the trend-driven and fast-changing consumer goods and lifestyle appliance industry, the look and feel of products are key differentiators. Beckers’ Consumer Design Finishes add significant value through creative and innovative surfaces.”

If you have questions or require further information, please contact our press office in Berlin [email protected]


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