About us

Beckers is a private coatings company that develops environmentally compatible paint systems. Our expertise is based on our long history dating back over 150 years. Our organization is global, ensuring fast service to customers from 24 locations in 19 countries.


Beyond the Surface


The Beckers Group is a global industrial coatings company that provides quality services and custom-made solutions across many sectors. The company is structured into three business segments: Coil Coatings, Industrial Coatings, and Consumer Design Finishes. Our talented workforce comprises almost 1,800 people at 24 manufacturing sites, satellite offices and our corporate headquarters, serving customers in over 50 countries.


Beckers Group is owned by Lindéngruppen, a family business with a focus on the long-term development of industrial companies. Our global executive management team is supported by regional and local management teams.


Innovation & Sustainability


The Beckers Group is committed to setting new standards in product innovation, customer relationships and environmental sustainability. Beckers invests heavily in research and development to produce state-of-the-art coating solutions designed to meet the needs of stakeholders, customers and the environment.


Environmental responsibility is an integral part of Beckers’ mission. Sustainable coatings, processes and operations help to give industry customers a stronger competitive edge.


Powerful Partnerships


At Beckers the customer always comes first. Our relationships are based on a transparent and integrated approach that is the key to developing innovative concepts. We strive to maintain strong ties and develop true partnerships.


Our employees play an important role when it comes to delivering services to our customers. As a global organization with a multinational workforce, Beckers supports employee empowerment and encourages an ownership attitude.