Beckers Sustainability Index

Understanding BSI

The BSI is our answer to a simple question: How can we make coatings that better respect our world?

It’s our way of measuring the environmental footprint of our products at every stage, ensuring they are as considerate of the environment as they are effective. It’s also our way of ensuring positive handprints – measuring the beneficial impacts they leave behind. This clarity fuels smarter choices, shaping a portfolio of products that align with our core values.

Benchmarking sustainability

BSI does more than just measure sustainability; it brings it into focus. Our transparent scoring method evaluates not only the environmental footprint of our products but also their ’handprints’, or positive contributions to the world. By turning complex eco-credentials into understandable categories, BSI encourages us to make cleaner, kinder choices for the environment. It doesn’t just assess impact but also directs us towards creating products that give back to the planet.

The BSI Tool and its classification

The BSI Tool assesses our coatings, assigning them to one of four distinct classes that signify their sustainability impact.

’Achiever’ class leads with outstanding sustainability, ’Qualifier’ for clear sustainable benefits and ’Improver’ for better environmental performance. ’Concern’ class products have sustainability issues; they will be discontinued within five years, underlining our commitment to responsibility.

BSI Matrix

Transparency & credibility

With Ernst & Young’s review of the BSI tool’s methodology, process and results against ISO 14020 and ISO 14021 standards we’ve ensured its transparency and credibility.

By measuring our portfolio against industry standards and essential sustainability parameters, we demonstrate our sincere commitment to stakeholders. This independent and objective evaluation by a reputable and respected third-party is a robust endorsement that helps solidify the BSI Tool’s standing. It’s a sincere promise of our commitment to verified, accountable and trustworthy sustainability efforts.

The methodology
The methodology used for the index is based on scientifically derived coating formulations and performance data. This ensures that the BSI analysis is thorough and provides results that are consistent, accurate and reproducible. All formulation data used in BSI is also determined according to well-established, international, or national scientific standards and controlled methodologies that have been used by Beckers for many years as part of its organization, management and communication of product characteristics.

BSI Tool’s tangible impact

Many of our products have high sustainability ratings, signally responsible choices that sit well with our customers and stakeholders.

Sales for these products are on the rise, even as we actively seek out and transition to even more environmentally considerate materials. At the same time, we’re methodically updating our range, discontinuing products that don’t meet our stringent sustainability standards.

The future of BSI

The BSI tool is our crystal ball for what comes next: a future where every product is kinder to our planet.

Our plans are clear, our goals are set high — we want to make sustainability a standard, not an afterthought. We want to support our industry so that thoughtful choices become second nature, as we move towards a more considerate relationship with our planet.

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