Sustainability Report

We are committed to publishing a sustainability report annually following the internationally-recognised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard


The purpose of this report is to give stakeholders a complete picture of our strategy, activities and sustainability performance. We aim to provide transparent and accurate economic, environmental, and social information on our company including governance structures and processes.


The report highlights innovations, initiatives and partnerships in the area of research and development, comparison data showing progress in our operations, and the sustainability of Beckers’ products and processes. A message from our CEO and interviews with key executives from various locations and business functions are also featured. We aim to present a comprehensive picture of what we are doing and what we want to do.


Our reports can be viewed online, downloaded, and printed.


2017 Beckers Sustainability Report (Screen version with videos and animations)

2017 Beckers Sustainability Report (Print version without videos and animations)


2017 Beckers GRI Index (Screen version) 

2017 Beckers GRI Index (PDF)



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