Being sustainable requires the buy-in and commitment of our stakeholders, breakthrough innovations and market transformation. That is why we are involved in large research, development and educational initiatives with industry and multidisciplinary partners.


CEPE (European Confederation of Paint, Printing Ink and Artists’ Colours Manufacturers Association)

To achieve industry-wide sustainability, Beckers assists CEPE, an organisation that aims to improve sustainability standards in the paint industry in creating an extensive raw material database, which is a crucial component of its new Eco Footprint tool. The tool and database help companies to measure and understand the impact of raw material choices when formulating a new coating. For more information visit CEPE.


BISIGODOS, A European Union micro-algae oroject

Partnering with 13 companies and academic institutions and coordinated by the Technological Institute of Plastics (AIMPLAS), this ambitious EU-funded partnership focuses on finding ways to derive various substances from micro-algae, which could potentially replace non-bio-sourced substances. If successful, the partners will have contributed to the sustainability of products including adhesives, coatings, paints and inks. Visit BISIGODOS to learn more.


Oxford Brookes University

As part of our innovation strategy, one of our LTD UK Lab chemists has teamed up with scientists at the Oxford Brookes University, School of the Built Environment, Dept. of Architecture. They have developed a dynamic model of a retail shed coated to test the solar-reflective properties of a range of Beckers’ coloured coatings, simulating and comparing performance under varying weather patterns in six international locations. The results indicate that the use of solar reflective coatings is effective in reducing cooling load and overall electricity consumption in five of the six locations. 

For more information, download an abstract of the study here

To purchase the full paper, click here: sciencedirect




The Natural Step

Since 2009, Beckers has partnered with TNS on several projects to guide the strategic planning process for sustainability and to identify the issues that are relevant today, and for the future of our business. Some of these projects include the Sustainability Lifecycle Analysis, sustainability reporting and employee training. In 2014, we developed an e-learning course for our employees. The course is designed to help them understand sustainability concepts and apply them in day-to-day business situations, as well as personal decision making. This course equips employees with the knowledge they need to make a valuable contribution towards achieving our vision. Over the coming years, we plan to reach all Beckers employees in this way. Take a look here: The Natural Step elearning



We use standards to help us to consistently achieve compliance and continuously improve our quality, social, environmental, and health & safety performance in our business operations.


ISO and OHSAS Certifications

Beckers applies ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as OHSAS 18001 standards to define the overall structure and standard of our management systems across the globe. Out of 24 sites 14 are holding ISO 9001 (quality) and 11 of them ISO 14001 (environment) certificates. Five sites hold the OHSAS 18001 (work safety) and three sites holds the ISO 50001 certificate (energy management). In addition, Beckers’ Long-Term Development Lab in the UK was one of the first laboratories in the world to receive ISO 17025 accreditation for testing the solar reflectance and emittance of coatings and painted surfaces.



(Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) 


As a downstream user of chemical substances in the European Union (EU), we cooperate with suppliers, importers and other stakeholders to meet all REACH requirements, the most stringent regulations in the world. REACH register numbers and exposure scenarios are continuously updated and published in our Safety Data Sheets. We closely monitor the registered use of substances and inform our customers continuously of any new findings.

For further information about Beckers and REACH, contact us at: reach(at)