Our Approach

Beckers takes a strategic and straightforward approach to sustainability.


Since 2009, we have used the internationally-recognized Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD), promoted by The Natural Step (TNS) for strategic sustainability planning. This framework provides structure and guidance with four sustainability principles (4 SPs), which clearly define the system conditions needed for achieving success.  


We have developed a long-term, highly ambitious sustainability vision for Beckers with six strategic focus areas (see below). Within each of these areas, we have set ourselves high targets and developed correlating sustainability goals and actions in order to achieve them.


To pursue these targets, we measure a number of environmental KPIs including energy and water consumption, VOC emissions, waste generation and recycling. We have also set ourselves long-term targets on VOC emissions, total energy used and total waste amount.


Our innovation strategy is focused on efficiency, the environment and energy conservation. Our Long Term Development teams work hard to eliminate toxic and persistent chemicals in our formulations and replace them with sustainable materials while maintaining our high standards of durability and performance. We have developed robust and durable formulations over the years that are free of hazardous substances.


The four Sustainability Principles

In a sustainable society, nature is not subject to systematically increasing...


...concentrations of substances from the Earth's crust, e.g. heavy metals and fossil fuels.

...concentrations of substances, produced by society, e.g. hormones, CFC's and dioxins.

...degradation by physical means, e.g. overfishing and destroying habitat.

...people are not subject to structural obstacles to health, influence, competence, impartiality and meaning-making.



Beckers’ vision of a sustainable company

Our vision is to develop Beckers to be the most sustainable coatings company in the world. This means:


  • Being an employer of choice
  • Living our values
  • Practicing social responsibility
  • Transparent and ethical governance
  • Enabling people to grow


To this end, we develop sustainable coatings that:


  • Do not contain mined materials that are scarce in nature
  • Are free from persistent substances and use renewable raw materials
  • Are manufactured and transported using renewable energy, and are produced and packaged with renewable materials and without emissions
  • Cause no environmental or health hazards and improve the standard of living for their users


The Beckers Sustainability Policy emphasizes that all of us at Beckers recognize the impact our activities have on environment and society. Download a copy of the Sustainability Policy here.


Beckers Sustainability Policy