Environment, Health & Safety

The management puts great emphasis on providing a safe and healthy working environment by focusing on prevention of workplace accidents and illnesses in all of our facilities. The impact that all our activities have on Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) is a fundamental part of how we conduct our business. Our ultimate goal is to have no accidents or incidents, and we will seek to meet this goal by continually improving against challenging annual targets. The Group COO, assisted by the Executive Group Leadership team, has overall responsibility for establishing and implementing a policy to deliver continuous improvement in EHS performance throughout the business, and ensuring compliance with all local regulations.


Please find here our complete policy:


Beckers EHS Policy for website


We own EHS

The management of Beckers always aims for a zero Lost Time Injury rate. All of Beckers’ employees take ownership of EHS on the site and any activities associated with it. Everybody strives for safety excellence and all of us are working towards safety standards and focusing on achieving zero LTIs. An annual Global Safety Day ensures that everybody stays on top of EHS.


Jayakumar Rajamoney, Global EHS Director, joined Beckers in 2015. With the establishment of this function, Beckers Group signalizes the importance of Environment, Health & Safety.


Besides supervising Beckers sites along Beckers' reporting system and international standards, one of Mr. Rajamoneys' main activities is to create and maintain global awareness of EHS throughout the whole organization – each employee should act in accordance with the EHS policy and feel as part of the EHS Team.


Statement from our Global EHS Director Mr. Rajamoney


"Competency and awareness are key elements to ensure that we are all working in a safe operational mode. Awareness is essential if we want to involve everyone to effectively ensure that we cultivate the right safety culture.


If 1,800 members of our entire staff indicate that they are prepared to act as EHS personnel in our organization, this would provide us with a basis for EHS, ensuring that EHS stays on the priority list every day, both at work and at home."


Compliance with standards  

We are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 to help us continually improve our environmental and occupational health and safety record globally. We also adhere to local labour requirements and social legislation wherever we do business. In addition, we collaborate proactively with authorities whenever we can to improve laws and regulations governing labour law.  


In China, our Guangzhou site has QC08000 certification and was officially named a ‘Model Company’ in 2012 by the municipality of Luo Gang District for improving and eliminating safety risks. In 2014, both the Guangzhou Economic Technology Development District and Songjiang Industrial Park in Shanghai presented our Chinese teams with more awards. Guangzhou was named ‘Best Contributor’ to an Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) workplace and Shanghai earned the accolade of a ‘Model Team’ by achieving a higher EHS status. Our Chinese sites are continuing with their improvements in 2015. Beckers Shanghai has just been awarded another "Best Safety Improvement Company" certificate.


Training and improvement

All our employees receive training to incorporate health and safety considerations into their daily tasks. At a corporate level, our Risk Management Group continuously monitors Beckers’ health and safety processes and performance to improve our policies and procedures.


Respect and equality

We believe that a safe and healthy work environment is one where all employees are treated with respect as equals. We do not tolerate discrimination, abuse or harassment at Beckers. Equal treatment boosts morale and work satisfaction, which in turn improves the safety and health of our workforce.


By changing attitudes and behaviours and constantly encouraging our employees to think proactively about their role in the workplace, we can achieve world-class safety and performance. We aim to create a culture in which employees take responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues by strategically identifying and avoiding high-risk behaviour.


Environment, health and safety in and beyond our facilities

We strive to eliminate persistent chemicals in our coatings and improve our manufacturing processes to avoid contact with materials and reduce VOC emissions. Our unique Beckry®Mix process emits far fewer VOCs than conventional processes. In Dormagen, Germany, we have also installed an innovative pot-cleaning system using a VOC-free cleaning solution and in Märsta, Sweden, we have new covers for our portable tanks, significantly reducing VOC emissions in these facilities.


Focusing on process improvement contributes to a healthier and safer work environment for both our own employees and our customers. For example, our Consumer Design Finishes business segment has developed processes that minimize the need to handle materials for applicators because thinners are no longer needed, resulting in less health and safety issues.