Climate Impact

We believe it is important to understand the extent of our contribution to climate change and identify related risks and opportunities. Climate change is one of our sustainability strategy focus areas.


Scientific research shows that by producing high levels of greenhouse gas emissions, we are affecting the earth's temperature and causing adverse climate effects. Using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, a greenhouse gas inventory analysis at our facilities show that the biggest sources of emissions at our company are:


  • inbound and outbound third-party transportation
  • heating, cooling and electricity consumption
  • emissions from operations
  • business travel


Beckers Group has carried out a comprehensive annual assessment report of its carbon emission since 2013 according to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. The purpose of measuring climate data is to formulate a basis for action in order to reduce emissions and to systematically work with reduction initiatives to document our journey towards our vision of being the world’s most sustainable industrial coatings company. 


The mentioned emissions (scope 1 and scope 2) were: 

2017: 24 333

2016: 25 263

2015: 23 609

2014: 25 431

2013: 27 567


Carbon scope 1 and 2 emissions (kilograms) per ton produced: 

2017: 150

2016: 155

2015: 157

2014: 171

2013: 191