At Beckers Group, we recognize our responsibility to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our business. We support long-term, sustainable development and embrace life-cycle thinking in our strategy, operations and product and service development based on our corporate vision and values. Our Sustainability Committee, selected to represent various business functions at an executive level, is committed to refining our strategy.




Compliance is a crucial component of sustainability. We place great emphasis on complying with environmental, health, and safety regulations in all countries in which we do business.


To this end, our operations are certified in accordance with industry standards to meet regulation requirements and continuously improve our processes.




(Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)


As a downstream user of chemical substances in the European Union (EU), we cooperate with suppliers, importers and other stakeholders to meet all REACH requirements, the most stringent regulations in the world.


REACH register numbers and exposure scenarios are continuously updated and published in our Safety Data Sheets. We closely monitor the registered use of substances and inform our customers continuously of any new findings.


For further information about Beckers and REACH, contact us at: reach(at)


Best Practice


Beyond fulfilling local laws and regulations, we continuously strive to apply best practices throughout our operations. Our daily activities are governed by Beckers’ Code of Conduct, mandated by Beckers’ Board of Directors and executive management team, which adheres to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact.


We provide valuable and relevant information for our stakeholders. Please contact us if you have any further inquiries: sustainability(at)