Employee Profiles

Co-workers from around the globe provide an insight into their working lives at Beckers Group. Click on one of the portraits to find out more about our employees and to learn about our culture and work environment.



Bernt Eriksson

Development Engineer in Märsta, Sweden

What do you do?

I work as a development engineer in the Coil Coatings department at the Märsta site. My job focuses on developing coil coating primers for the Nordic market. I’m also involved in trouble shooting and I work together with our customer teams, suppliers, quality control laboratory and other Beckers sites.


How long have you worked for Beckers?

I started working here in Märsta in 1972 and have been with the company ever since. My first position was a laboratory assistant in the Electrocoat laboratory for the automotive industry. As you can imagine, it was a completely different company back then – much less international than it is today. It’s been quite a journey!


What does a typical day at work look like?

My job involves planning and hands-on activity in the lab. I also evaluate results and record outcome data.


What’s the most interesting part of your job?

I enjoy working on long-term projects that have a wide scope of investigation. It’s interesting to see how a project evolves, and to follow it all the way to the trial line.


What’s the best thing about working for Beckers?

In my over 40 years at Beckers I’ve always been given opportunities to develop my professional skills. Another important factor is my colleagues who I’ve had the pleasure of working with here in Märsta and at other sites.