Industrial Coatings

Becker offers an extensive line of advanced coatings for trucks and other transportation vessels.

Our solutions are designed to meet all your needs, offering enhanced anti-corrosion performance, aesthetic durability and abrasion resistance, with practical application.



Our range is available in any colour and gloss level.


Product range





  • Beckry®Prim: 2K primer, PU acrylic resin, VOC< 420g/l
  • Beckry®Sol: 2K primer, epoxy resin VOC< 420g/l




  • Beckqua®Prim: 1K primer, alkyd resin or acrylic resin.
  • Beckqua®Apprêt: 2K primer, epoxy resin

Top coats



  • Beckry®Lac 30KM: 1K topcoat, oven cured, polyester-melamine resin
  • Beckry®Lac: 2K topcoat, PU acrylic resin


Becker offers a flexible system based on concentrate tints with a variety of binders.




  • Beckqua®Lac: 2K topcoat, PU acrylic resin




  • Beckry®Mono: 2K Monocoat, PU acrylic resin

Ancillary products

Wash primers, aerosols, etc..


Beckry® and Beckqua® are registered trademarks owned by AB. Wilh. Becker