Industrial Coatings

High-protection finishes for heavy-duty machinery

Component substrates in the ACE industry typically range from heavy cast and forged steel to lightweight pressed metal parts and thermoplastic mouldings. These challenging materials demand 100% adaptability and perfect performance.



When tough isn’t enough

Industrial coatings need to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions and look great for many years to come. Outstanding gloss and colour retention with long-lasting resistance to corrosion, abrasion and chemicals helps to maximize the resale value and minimize repair costs for end users. Available in a full spectrum of colours and gloss levels, Beckers’ specially designed coatings for the ACE industry are compatible with all standard application technologies.


Product range



  • One-component solvent-based and waterborne primers for metal substrates
  • Two-component medium-solid epoxy and polyurethane primers for metal and plastic substrates
  • Two-component high-solid epoxy and polyurethane primers for metal substrates
  • Two-component waterborne epoxy primers for metal substrates



  • Two-component medium and high-solid polyurethane finishes
  • Two-component waterborne polyurethane finishes
  • Two-component isocyanate-free medium-solid finishes
  • Two-component waterborne isocyanate-free finishes
  • One-component solventborne and waterborne alkyd finishes


One-coat finishes

  • Two-component medium-solid polyurethane one-coat finishes
  • One-component solvent-borne and waterborne alkyd one-coat finishes


Ancillary products

Air-drying one-component primers and finishes, aerosols, etc.


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