Industrial Coatings

The products supplied by Beckers´ Industrial Coatings division are designed to protect a variety of metal and plastic substrates. Beckers works closely with customers across the globe to develop new, tough coatings and innovative, lean processes that minimize the use of persistent chemicals, energy and natural resources.



High-performance coatings for preformed metal and plastics

Meeting the needs of customers around the globe, Beckers’ high-tech coatings withstand the toughest environmental conditions: heat, cold, wet, chemicals or abrasion. As our Industrial Coatings division grows worldwide, we continue to focus on developing protective, durable coatings and low-temperature curing technology, thus saving energy for our customers. 


Key markets

We serve customers in the following market segments:


  • Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving (ACE) equipment: Coatings for heavy-duty machinery and other equipment
  • Railway: Coatings for trains, rolling stock and other vehicles running on rails
  • Truck trailers: Coatings for trucks
  • Automotive Plastics Exterior (APE): Coatings for plastic exterior components on automobiles


We do not simply want to provide a protective and decorative product. Our aim is to cooperate with our customers in a spirit of true partnership and offer them a range of innovative services to bring them added value. We work continuously to improve the durability of our coating systems. Better performance means lower repair costs and enhanced resale value for our customers. Our recent developments with Beckqua®Lac and Beckry®Lac high performance two-pack polyurethane coatings now offer our customers a leading edge on their paint finishes.


Global reach
A growing number of OEM customers rely on subcontractors to produce the fully painted components used in their products. Beckers’ global set-up allows us to supply identical coatings anywhere in the world. This ensures consistent quality and colour matching for components integrated in finished products.