Coil Coatings


Adhesives for decorative or anti-condensation films. Available based on polyester, acrylic or vinyl technology.  


Made with the same pigments as coil coated topcoats to obtain equivalent shades and durability in an air drying quality.  



Beckry®View is an innovative, highly durable polyurethane paint for safe use in buildings! Highlight your projects with our phosphorescent coating system.


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Food Grade
A range of products formulated specifically with low hazard materials. Suitable for cold stores, food processing plants, shelving, refrigerators etc.


A paint / plastic film co-laminate offering an exceptionally tough, high gloss surface for domestic appliances and speciality end uses.


Other Beckry® coil coating products available:

Beckry®Silk, Beckry®Ink, Beckry®Lec, Beckry®Wash, Beckry®Add, Beckry®Base, Beckry®Clean, Beckry®Lux, Beckry®Plus, Beckry®Pur, Beckry®Soft, Beckry®Spark, Beckry®Tile, Beckry®Top, Beckry®Fresh, Beckry®Shield, Beckry®Print.


Beckry® is a registered trade mark owned by AB. Wilh. Becker