Coil Coatings

As the world´s leading supplier of high-performance coil coatings, Beckers Group sets new industry standards. We develop processes and coatings that meet and exceed legislation worldwide, including the use of bio-based solutions as an alternative to fossil resources.



Multi-purpose and high-performance solutions

Coil coatings comprise liquid paint in a wide range of colours and finishes that can be applied to continuous steel or aluminium strip. These can be cured in seconds and recoiled for delivery to end users. The coil coating process not only creates new markets for sheet metal products, but also reduces the environmental impact by minimizing paint waste and making use of excess solvents. Evaporating solvents are incinerated to generate heat for curing ovens, thus preventing waste and pollution. 


Beckers coil coatings are designed to withstand the toughest indoor and outdoor conditions and possess many qualities required for high-end products. Among others, they are: 


  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Colour-fast
  • Corrosion and abrasion proof
  • Scratch and UV light resistant
  • Thermally reflective
  • Antibacterial
  • Self-cleaning


From pre-painted solutions for roofing on composite panels for buildings to domestic appliances, Beckers Group offers a complete range of topcoats, primers and backing coats. We invite you to discover our complete range of products on the following pages.


Innovation leadership

Working in close cooperation with coil coaters, architects, product designers and engineers across the globe, Beckers Group is recognized as one of the industry's leading innovators. Many of the company's product innovations are the result of collaboration with customers, as well as intensive research by expert teams in the Beckers Long Term Development Groups located in the UK and Malaysia. Beckers is working today on solutions for tomorrow.


Learn more about the Long Term Development Groups and some of our most innovative products: