Research Groups

The company's Long Term Development (LTD) laboratories in Liverpool and Shah Alam develop innovative coil coatings that anticipate industrial and consumer trends and legislation. The Long Term Research (LTR) centre in Liverpool does the same for industrial coatings. In practice, the Beckers Group invents something new almost every day.


Driving innovation

As a pioneering company, Beckers develops innovative coatings that are well ahead of industry and consumer trends or legislative regulations. Beckers’ products, processes and practices are designed to achieve continued success and capture future potential. Sustainability and process improvements are the most important areas for our long-term development.


Innovation in the company is driven by our three centres of research in the UK and Malaysia, dedicated to coil and industrial coatings respectively. These important R&D resources develop new products, processes and testing techniques. To create better, more sustainable products, the LTD Group addresses fundamental questions about the mechanics of adhesion, curing efficiency and the effects of environmental factors on formability and weather-induced deterioration. 


Past projects have focused on the development of:


  • Near infrared cured coil coatings
  • Low temperature curing
  • Bio-sourced coatings
  • Very high solids
  • Soft-touch coatings for mobile phones


The company’s research teams are dedicated to reducing environmental impact, improving performance and increasing durability. They have developed a durability database and investigated natural degradation using spectroscopy. 


To meet today’s market demands, the Beckers LTD Groups develop products with better colour and gloss retention and bespoke coatings with an optimized hardness formability balance. By optimizing raw materials, improving paint coverage and developing innovative curing processes, the R&D units help customers save energy and lower costs.


Currently 20% of our personnel are working in a technical capacity. We spend 3% of sales on R&D.




Do you want to learn more? Contact the LTD teams in Shah Alam, Malaysia or Liverpool, UK.






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