Beckry®Therm technology has been designed to maximize thermal control performance at an affordable cost.

The technology in more detail 

Beckry®Therm technology has been designed to maximize thermal control performance at affordable cost.



Beckry®Therm technology recognizes that different locations can have different thermal control requirements — many continental locations are hot in summer, but cold in winter.


Compared with other thermal control coating systems, Beckry®Therm keeps conditions cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


To achieve this, the Beckry®Therm patented technology has two components:


  • Beckry®Therm exterior — using high durability binders to deliver high reflectivity and high emissivity
  • Beckry®Therm interior — lowering emissivity within the building envelope for improved thermal stability in summer and winter



To illustrate this, the photographs below show a standard black coil coating (left panel in each picture) compared with Beckry®Therm black: the left-hand image was taken with a standard video camera, capturing an image as seen in visible light (350-700nm).


The right-hand image was taken with a video camera operating in the near infrared (700-1100nm) range. Viewed in the near infrared, Beckry®Therm black looks more like white!


Beckry®Therm can provide thermal control for even the darkest roofs.


While Beckers recommends a full Beckry®Therm system as the optimum thermal control system (certainly for localities with high air conditioning usage in summer), the components can be selected and tailored to specific locations.


For example, in temperate areas with lower thermal gain but harder winters, the patented Beckry®Therm liner can save heating costs in winter.


Beckry®Therm coil coatings can be used in a wide range of applications including homes, offices, hotels, schools and other public buildings where they reduce air-conditioning costs and the associated environmental impact.


Beckry®Therm coil coatings can also be used to improve thermal comfort where air conditioning is inappropriate or can be avoided — such as retail outlets, factory buildings, places of worship, sports facilities or animal rearing housing.

About radiation and thermal control


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