Beckry®Therm technology has been designed to maximize thermal control performance at an affordable cost.

Radiation and thermal control


Solar radiation falls at varying intensities across a range of wavelengths:



  • About 5% of solar energy that hits the earth does so as destructive UV light — this means that coatings need to be as transparent as possible to UV
  • Around 45% of solar energy falls as visible light and is absorbed or reflected by the coating. We see the reflected light as the colour and bright surfaces.
  • Approximately 50% of solar energy is in the near infrared region. This, too, is partially reflected or absorbed. The absorbed energy heats the coating which then re-emits part of this energy in the longer wave length thermal infrared.
  • The rest is conducted into the body of the roof.


This is what happens when solar radiation hits a roof on a hot day:



  • Solar energy which is not reflected, re-emitted or carried away by convection currents is conducted into the interior.
  • If absorbed heat is not re-emitted efficiently externally, the roof temperature rises so that more heat is transmitted internally and conducted through to the interior surface.
  • The interior organic coating behaves like the exterior coating when the conducted energy from outside meets it. The coating first absorbs the energy and then re-emits it into the inside of the room as energy in the thermal or mid infrared region.
  • The greater the heat flux into the interior, the harder air conditioning must work to maintain a steady temperature.


Metal roofing can provide good thermal control

Beckers' energy saving product


Beckers’ energy saving, thermal control coil coating system offers a cost-effective solution to thermal energy transfer in metal clad structures. 



The technology in more detail


Compared with other thermal control coating systems, Beckry®Therm keeps conditions cooler in summer and warmer in winter. All while being cost efficient, too. Learn the specifics of this paint solution.



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