Coatings expertise in your pocket - Beckry®Therm App

Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to easily estimate the building energy savings you can make by choosing Beckry®Therm energy coatings? Now you can! All you have to do is download Beckers new Beckry®Therm App to your mobile phone or tablet at App Store or Google Play, and you will have the data at your fingertips.

Beckry®Therm coil coatings technology has been designed to maximize building envelope thermal control performance at affordable cost and can be used in a wide range of applications and colours.


By selecting your building location, angle of the roof, building’s insulation and your choice of cladding colour you can estimate the energy cost-saving possible by choosing Becky®Therm.


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Beckers' energy saving product


Beckers’ energy saving, thermal control coil coating system offers a cost-effective solution to thermal energy transfer in metal clad structures. 



About radiation and thermal control


Unpainted metal reflects well, but gets very hot because it is poor at reemitting heat. Paint is vital to keep roofs cool. Read about our findings.



The technology in more detail


Compared with other thermal control coating systems, Beckry®Therm keeps conditions cooler in summer and warmer in winter. All while being cost efficient, too. Learn the specifics of this paint solution.





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