Beckry®Therm technology has been designed to maximize thermal control performance at an affordable cost.


Beckry®Therm -
Beckers' energy saving product 


The product and its benefits

Beckry®Therm improves thermal control in both hot and cold environments. In cold climates, the topcoats absorb solar energy that can be used to heat air or water inside the building. In warm climates they reflect solar load and absorb heat when it cools down. Beckry®Therm not only lowers air conditioning and heating costs, it also improves thermal comfort. At the same time, it reduces the environmental impact by lowering fossil fuel consumption and extending the product life cycle. Additionally, Beckry®Therm offers architects and designers a full spectrum of solar reflective colours.


Beckry®Therm reduces the environmental impact by cutting energy consumption and carbon emissions. Thanks to their improved efficiency and high durability, the coatings help lower construction and maintenance costs. This thermal control coil coating system offers a cost-effective solution to thermal energy transfer in metal clad structures. To achieve this, Beckers engineers have developed and patented a technology based on two components. Beckry®Therm exterior uses high durability binders to maximize reflectivity and emissivity. Beckry®Therm interior lowers emissivity inside the building envelope for improved thermal stability all year round.


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About radiation and thermal control


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The technology in more detail


Compared with other thermal control coating systems, Beckry®Therm keeps conditions cooler in summer and warmer in winter. All while being cost efficient, too. Learn the specifics of this paint solution.



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