Beckers Group

Beckers is a leading worldwide supplier of industrial coatings and the global market leader of coil coatings. We are focused on developing sustainable coatings – our vision is to become the most sustainable industrial coatings company in the world. Our expertise is based on our long history dating back over 150 years. Today, our organization is global, ensuring fast service to customers from 24 locations in 19 countries with worldwide around 1,800 employees.


Coil coatings are high-performance liquid paints applied to metal.

As the premier supplier of coil coatings globally, the Beckers Group sets trends and industry standards.


The Beckers Group supplies a complete range of specially manufactured coatings for preformed metal parts and plastic components as well as consumer devices. Among them high-durability coatings for agricultural, construction and earthmoving (ACE) equipment, finishes for trucks, Automotive Plastics Exteriors (APE), the railway segment and cutting-edge finishes for the consumer electronics and lifestyle appliances industries.

Sustainability and Innovation

The Beckers Group is committed to setting new standards in product innovation, customer relationships and environmental sustainability. We invest heavily in research and development to produce state-of-the-art coating solutions designed to meet the needs of stakeholders, customers and the environment.