Code of Conduct

The Beckers Code of Conduct defines key ethical principles that guide us in our daily business.

Code of Conduct


The Beckers Code of Conduct applies at all levels: from executives and managers to line employees. We consistently apply our core values with respect to human rights, labour standards, environmental standards and anti-corruption. These conditions are defined in the United Nations Global Compact.


Pursuing our objectives involves governance and ethics. To avoid any misunderstandings in its application  in day-to-day situations, the Beckers Code of Conduct is structured into six categories: legal compliance, accounting and reporting, workplace practices, community involvement, conflicts of interest, gifts and bribes. Employees should report any cases of misconduct.


Download a copy of the Code of Conduct here


Appendix 1: The UN Global Compact´s Ten Principles

Appendix 2: Children´s Rights and Business Principles


Appendix 3: Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights



Our policy is to discuss any issues and concerns openly and fairly. Employees are encouraged and expected to report any and all incidents of non-compliance with this Code of Conduct.


Failure to comply may result in civil and criminal liability and /or disciplinary action, including termination of employment.


Beckers Group provides advice or guidance on the interpretation of this Code of Conduct on request.

Report of Misconduct


Employees can use our confidential “whistle blowing” telephone, email or postal address. These can be used to bring concerns and issues to the attention of the Beckers Group management or an external person, who will in turn make every effort to maintain the anonymity and confidentiality of those reporting.


Telephone numbers and addresses for these purposes are shown below:



Telephone numbers


Internal contact: Olivier Laune, Chief Financial Officer, +49 33 48 225 03 49


External contact: Ragnar Lindqvist, +46 42 489 22 17



Email address


codeofconduct(at) (internal)


ragnar.lindqvist(at) (external)



Postal addresses


Beckers Group
Olivier Laune
63 Quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 Lyon


Ragnar Lindqvist Advokat AB
Ragnar Lindqvist
Södra Storgatan 7

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