Our Values

At Beckers, we believe in a culture of work ethics and authentic values. This attitude is exemplified in everything we do.


The Beckers Spirit

Our values and culture – the Beckers spirit – are our foundation and a major success factor for Beckers´ success.


Our Values represent the foundation for all guiding principles shaping Beckers’ culture. They allow us to determine what guides our priorities, actions and behaviour within the organization; they are long-term and define the character of the company.


While Culture has many aspects and may change over time, its core includes a clear sense of purpose coming from our shared values that guide our decision making. Our culture also creates the foundation for our strategy.


The definition and awareness of our Values and Culture represents, what we are at Beckers today as well as what we aspire to become in the future.


Beckers´ core values are:




Our culture means for us:



Code of Conduct


The Beckers Code of Conduct defines key ethical principles that guide us in our daily business.